What is digital marketing ?

 What is Digital Marketing ?

What_is_digital_marketing ?

The most direct definition of digital marketing we can is the efficient and effective communication

 and effective communication of your added value through digital channels so that your target audience 

to hear you and perceive this value where they are that they want to find you or to become your

 customers your customers it may seem long but you have to understand that this definition comes

 down to three actions.

1-Reach the right people, i.e. your potential customers

2-Make sure they understand and understand and be convinced that the sale of products or their 

services meets their needs.

 3-Use of digital tools to perform these two actions now a digital tool is media that you can use in your

 digital strategy you may have your website or an e-commerce site your content management system

commonly called CMS referencing the creation of the content so videos, articles or even digital

billboards and course the social networks which serve to share your content. 


 How can all this benefit your business?

1-the first digital marketing advantage for a company lies in the ability to the ability to reach out

 excellently and precisely to the contact that they are already customers where they are a potential

customer and it is all the relationship with this contact of life closer and therefore  more effective

2-Secondly, this new approach to the communication method considerably reduces 

the costs of communication, most social networks are free even if they offer paid advertising.

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