Fiverr vs Upwork

  What is the best Fiverr or Upwork?



you have surely already wasted a lot of time performing repetitive services that do not bring any 

value or you want to delegate these services but the question is a delegate which service to whom is

 good I will present you the two platforms that I know Fiverr or Upwork I will present you the positive

 sides and the negative sides .  


1-1-The positif points :  

Fiverr is surely the number one platform in terms of selling services online it can see the different

 sister films that offer their services according to their price for the advantages of the platform.

  •  I would say firstly that there is a multitude of services no matter that you are going to search on
Fiverr you are going to find it it is enough to search in the categories or quite simply to note the name
 of the service in the bar of research and you find there can be very technical services of a specific and
 that it is very strong.
  •  The second point is that in terms of price they are unbeatable you look for a service for 5$ you find it 
you look for a service for 15$ you find it so this is very interesting.
  •  The third point I would say is their payment platform it was done in a very simplified way you make the 
payment before starting the offer and when the offer is completed and validated the freelancer catch his
 payment.For cancellations or refunds also everything is done within a very fast time and I find that

  1-2-The negative points :

  •  for the negative points I would say that you should not expect anything very heavy on Fiverr it is 
qualities that are fairly standard but not really high-end.
  •  As a second point, I often say that the reviews are a bit truncated there can be fake clothes surfing so
 the designer pays himself, and then he can create fake accounts to give himself fake reviews is given 
credibility that can be a bit problematic.
  • The third point I would say especially for the designers who have success and therefore they have 
many orders there are many delays in the deadlines that are to say that sometimes you have to wait
 for a service that is supposed to be done in three days you have to wait four or  five days six days seven
 days and if you have a deadline to meet it’s very complicated because the designer of overbooking asks
 for a lot of customers and you finally, you can’t finish your work.

Finally in terms of services I use fiverr only for the design which are quite basic and don’t require a 

lot of creativity or for all the technical manipulations which are quite simple for example the fact of adding

 tech manager on your site or the fact for example of modifying a file in another format to summarize

 I would say that fiverr is an excellent platform it’s a site which is very well done very well designed

 but on the other hand in terms of services it remains rather limited to standard services or technical

 services after I admit that my opinion is rather biased because I use fiverr exclusively for small jobs.


2-Upwork : 

2-The positif points : 

  •  For large jobs I would use upwork the works is surely one of the most successful platforms in terms
 of sales of online services the system is different in favor since it is necessary to make a call for 
tenders you present your project your specificity also the budget of the project and then it is the 
freelancers who are going to contact you and propose you an offer for the advantages I will say 
clearly that we are on works which are of higher quality you have a better follow-up and the deadlines
 are respected.
  •  The other important point is that you can trust the freelancer why because it is enough that it makes 
a bad performance and that you put a very bad opinion to him and this very bad opinion can make
 him lose enormously customers to see all his customers therefore it will make you a work of quality
 and you make him a positive opinion it is of the win-win.
  •  Another interesting element is that during the tender you will have access to new data that you do not
 have access to surf the percentage of successful work and the amount earned on the platform these
 two elements are very important to see the seriousness of the money goes out

  2-2-The negative points :

  •  For the negative points obviously, it is much more expensive than on Fiverr you will say to me it
 is normal the quality has a price I agree with you but sometimes you risk services much too expensive
 whereas it is not worth as much you can find the same service at the same level for 5 to 10 times 
  •  The second negative point I would say is that there is a lot of negotiation before you start since there is
 no transparency on the prices you will have to understand exactly what is included what it will be
 necessary to pay in supplement and this phase of negotiations sometimes makes me lose a lot of time.
  •  The third negative point I would say is the payment system I find it not as simplified as on fiverr you
 have to make a deposit then you make a second part of payment a third way there it’s a bit too
 complicated in terms of services I mainly use a upwork for technical work but technical work of an
 expert level where you have to I also use upwork for high end design and generally for all services
 that require a specialist to summarize.
 I would say that upwork is an excellent platform but it is a platform that is suitable for people who know 
the prices of an industry if you have no idea of the prices in an industry you risk paying too much for
 a service there are agencies that offer premium prices because they have premium services but also
 normal agencies that offer normal services at premium prices so you risk paying too much for a service for nothing .

Finally I would say that the work are of quality the deadlines are respected and there is a good
 follow-up after that they are not the only platforms that allow you to buy services online besides there 
are so many that I’m not going to mention any or only one .

You have to take into account three elements your budget the time you are ready to invest and the final

 result if you have a small budget a lot of time to invest and that the final result does not matter much

 I recommend you Fiverr if you have a bigger budget that you have time and that the result is more

 important for you I recommend Upwork on the other hand if you have a big budget not much time and

 that the final result I recommend you to work with an agency when an agency will take your project

 from a to z.


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