14 Companies Hiring for Part-Time, Remote, Work-From-Home Jobs



14 Companies Hiring for Part-Time, Remote, Work-From-Home Jobs

  Part-time work is ideal for those who want to earn some extra income without sacrificing their other commitments.

    Part-time work is becoming the norm in today’s society. With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are taking part-time jobs to supplement their incomes or to allow them to take on a less demanding career while they pursue other interests.

    Companies that hire for part-time positions usually offer flexible hours and schedules, as well as benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans.
Achieve Test :
We provide a variety of tutoring and test prep services to help students achieve their educational goals.

1. Achieve Test Prep :

   Achieve Test Prep : is a company that specializes in test prep and tutoring services. We offer a variety of services, including math, reading, writing and ACT/SAT preparation. To learn more about our services, please visit our website: www.achievetestprep.com
belay :
Belay is a service that helps you write better content by providing you with templates and a library of thousands of words.

2-Belay :

  Belay is an AI-powered copywriting service that helps you generate content quickly and easily. The app offers templates, a library of thousands of words, and the ability to track your progress.
Cactus Communications:
Cactus Communications was founded in 1990 and is now a leading global communications company. They are headquartered in London, UK.

3-Cactus Communications :

 Cactus Communications offers a wide range of first-class communications services to their clients, including public relations, marketing and advertising, digital marketing, content creation and media strategy. They have the capability to offer these services across the globe through their network of offices in 15 countries around the world.

  They offer services for both corporate clients as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Their headquarters is in London with offices in 15 countries around the world.

 Their client list includes some of the most well-known brands such as L’Oreal, Samsung, Unilever and HSBC.

  They offer many different services to their clients.


    Equity is the idea that everyone has a right to the same opportunities, resources, and rewards. To achieve equity, we must address the root causes of inequality and discrimination.

  Inequality is the unequal distribution of wealth or other types of capital among people within a society. Some societies are more equal than others.

  The two main causes of inequality are sexism and racism. A person’s race or sex can affect their access to jobs and education which in turn can affect how much money they make.

   There are many ways to fight for equality in today’s society including activism, protests, marches, rallies, lobbying for legislation change and voting for representatives who support equality.

  We should be aware that there are many social issues that we need to tackle if we want to create.
Expert Business Development
The business development team is responsible for generating leads, nurturing those leads and converting them into customers.

   The best way to generate leads is through marketing with the help of a sales team. The marketing team generates interest in the company’s products and services by identifying potential customers and then reaching out to them proactively.

   Sales teams are responsible for converting leads to customers. They use a variety of techniques such as phone calls, emails, in-person meetings and presentations to do this.

5-Business Development Expert :

   A business development expert is a professional who is involved in the process of developing and maintaining relationships between different companies.

An expert business developer may be involved in the following tasks:

– Establishing, maintaining and managing relationships with clients and partners;

– Creating and presenting proposals to potential clients;

– Identifying new prospects for the company or partner;

– Advising on best practices for building relationships with prospects.

     Expert business development is a process that is used by companies to increase their revenue and profits. It involves the use of a company’s existing resources to make it more efficient, as well as the acquisition of new resources. This process can be applied to any company, regardless of size, industry or location.

    This section will be about how expert business development can be used by a company and what are some ways in which this process can be applied.

6-FlexProfessionals :

    FlexProfessionals is a global marketplace of vetted and skilled freelancers. They have now over 6 million freelancers from all backgrounds and disciplines, who are available to do work on a freelance basis.

Tasks include:

– Content Writing

– Transcription (Audio/Video)

– Copywriting

– Researching

– Bilingual Translation


  GreatAuPair is a company that connects families with au pairs.

It offers a range of services from au pairing placements to jobs for parents.

The company was founded back in 2006 and has since helped over two hundred thousand people.

Their website offers different tools for families and au pairs, like an online matching system, family profiles and online parental courses.

This website also provides people with au pair placement advice.

   GreatAuPair is not only a service, but also the go-to market leader for the recruitment of young adults from all over the world who are interested in living and working as an au pair in other countries.

8-Kaplan :

   This article talks about the Kaplan test preparation company. It talks about the different

services Kaplan provides, such as tutoring and other study aids. It also discusses how they

compare to other test prep companies, like Princeton Review and Barron’s.

9-Kelly :

  Kelly is an AI writing assistant that generates articles, blog posts, and other written content from scratch.

  Kelly has been around since 2016. The company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and software developers, who wanted to provide an answer to the question “who will be able to write in the future?” In their opinion,

10-LanguageLine Solutions :

   LanguageLine Solutions is a professional interpreting and translation service. It offers telephone interpreting, video remote interpretation, and video remote language interpretation. The company also has an online learning platform for interpreters to keep up with the latest trends in interpreting and translation.



This section discusses how AI writers can aid content writers by providing assistance to the content writers when they are in need of inspiration or help generating ideas at scale.

11-MarketLauncher :

  MarketLauncher is a startup, and they are changing the way that people work by freeing them from  their desks.

  Instead of sitting at their desk all day, MarketLauncher staff can wear the company gear and go to different events in their city. They do this in order to find opportunities for projects that will be beneficial to their clients.

  MarketLauncher is not just an agency, but also a tech company. They have built a specialized app for team members that helps them serve customers better.

12-ModSquad :

ModSquad is a young company that specializes in content creation and formulates strategies for brands on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts.

  ModSquad was founded in 2016 by an entrepreneur with a background in marketing. The company started off as just a few people working from home but quickly grew to over 50 employees within 2 years.

  The ModSquad team not only creates original video content but also repurposes popular videos and creates sponsored posts on social media to promote brands’ products.

13-Outliant :

  Outliant is an AI-driven content marketing platform with a focus on emotional and creative content.

  Outsource your content creation needs to Outliant, an AI-driven content marketing platform, which helps businesses generate emotional and creative contents at scale.

14-The Paragon Planners:

  The Paragon Planners was a tool launched in 2016 to help people plan their time more efficiently. The software is designed to provide advice and insights based on your own preferences, as well as calendar availability.

  It uses natural language processing to offer suggestions for when you should schedule your appointments or for when you should set up an out-of-office reply in Gmail or Outlook. It can even learn what the user’s priorities are and adjust its suggestions accordingly, according to how often they’re used.

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